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EV Infrastructure installation process

From planning to implementation, we get it right the first time. Gemtek’s team provide tailored programs of any scale. We work with you to assess your needs and build a custom solution.

Initial consultation

Simply book a free consultation and we evaluate your current and future needs, taking into account physical, engineering, and legislative constraints, and outline the options, budget, and timeline, including a visualisation of the expected outcome. We will recommend products and provide proposals for Consultancy, Project Management, and Turnkey builds.

Site assessment

An on-site energy assessment will be conducted to recommend EV charging solutions, requiring clients to provide meter details and recent bills for accurate analysis. A client-friendly report format will be established, using clear language for all stakeholder levels, and report findings will be presented to all invested parties, including financial controllers and engineers.

Technical proposal

Upon acceptance by the stakeholders, we develop a detailed proposal tailored to client requirements. This document encompasses full technical details, timelines, and pricing, with costs determined by their specific needs. We employ the comprehensive resources of Gemtek to plan the necessary hardware, including AC and DC chargers, software (LMS), EV databases, as well as the installation process, covering both electrical and civil work. The process culminates in the presentation of the final design.

Commercial agreement

After stakeholders approve the final design, we will formalise a commercial agreement to deliver a comprehensive turnkey solution tailored to the client’s requirements.


Gemtek delivers a comprehensive service package, encompassing the installation, testing, and commissioning of the EV charging system, complemented by training for both clients and operators, and provides vital handover documents for the site’s ongoing maintenance.

Maintenance & service

Gemtek offers maintenance and monitoring services for your site, which include tracking asset activity and performance, diagnosing network and charger issues, and gathering metering data for accurate billing.

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