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Turnkey EV charging solutions

Gemtek provides a complete EV charging service in Australia, covering grid connection, installation, and maintenance for both new and existing sites.

EV transition in Australia

Our mission is to enable a sustainable transport future, connecting energy and vehicles safely and efficiently.

NRMA National Infrastructure Rollout

Discover why NRMA chose Gemtek to enhance its EV network with 280+ new charging stations in regional to remote Australian areas within three years.

Our services

We are experts in electric vehicle infrastructure and asset management. Gemtek focuses on tailored EV charging solutions for various sectors, emphasising advanced, scalable, and user-friendly systems for a sustainable transport future.

Our projects

Our services include scalable EV charging solutions tailored to your requirements and future-proofed for longevity. From setting up single units to creating extensive hubs, we offer reliable support to facilitate your smooth shift to eMobility.

NSW Government releases $10 Million EV Ready Buildings Grant

The NSW Government has introduced a $10 million initiative to equip Class 2 strata buildings with EV charging facilities across NSW.

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EV charging specialists

Join us in creating a future where reliable EV charging is accessible to all Australians.