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Synergy – Embedded Network Metering

Embedded Network Metering

Synergy – Embedded Network Metering

In 2018 Synergy initiated an embedded network metering trial at Broadway Fair Shopping Centre and Forrest Centre. This included monitoring tenant’s activity via remote metering and data collection.

  • Broadway Fair Shopping Centre has 35 shops, 4 offices, 23 suites
  • Forrest Centre, at 221 St Georges Terrace has 30 levels of office space.

Gemtek Group were engaged for System Design, Project Management & Installation of:

  • Metering: Itron Openway Riva Electricity Meter Single and Three phase or CT smart meter. 42 meters installed.
  • Software Commissioning
  • Wireless network audit & commission
  • Data Transfer Test & Commissioning

Installation of the embedded network network achieved a comprehensive overview of real time electricity consumption at Forrest Centre and Broadway Fair Shopping Centre, allowing the building occupants & property manager an opportunity to analyze energy data, personnel practices and optimize behaviour to employ more sustainable energy practices.

During 2016, Gemtek Group provided consultancy, design and commissioning services for Synergy’s “Future Home” Display at Homebase Builders Display Village Subiaco. The fully automated visual display was completed in conjunction with Meerkats – The Brand Agency.

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    February 12, 2020

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