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NRMA National Infrastructure Rollout

NRMA National Infrastructure Rollout


The NRMA’s electric-vehicle charging network currently includes over 50 operating sites across New South Wales, providing coverage throughout the state.

Recently, the NRMA offered an invite only tender to expand its network both within New South Wales and nationally, offering members and drivers additional charging sites, extended national coverage, higher availability and higher power charging options.

This project entails over 280 charging sites to be built predominately across regional Australia within the next 36 months and will include a combination of regional, remote and ultra remote areas.


Our success lies in our ability to deliver a National end-to-end solution through our national footprint with offices, warehousing, installation, service, and maintenance capabilities, as well as customer and product support in each state throughout Australia.

We are uniquely positioned to deliver this project through our in-house capabilities to deliver a comprehensive design and installation process. We are able to complete a wide variety of electrical services, including both high and low voltage work.


Gemtek’s unique approach in the EV charging centres on our customised, comprehensive service. Starting with a free in-depth consultation, we evaluate clients’ current and future needs, considering various constraints and presenting a clear plan with budget and timeline. This initial phase sets the stage for their tailored approach, including product recommendations and detailed proposals.

Our process includes a thorough discussion and assessment of NRMA’s requirements, ensuring recommendations for EV charging solutions are accurate and suitable. Our commitment to clarity is evident in our reports, designed to be understandable for stakeholders at all levels.

The next step is our detailed technical proposal, that was tailored to NRMA’s specific needs, including technical specifications, timelines, and pricing, showcasing our transparent approach. We plan for all aspects, from hardware and software to installation processes, culminating in a final design presentation / tender for approval.

Post-approval, Gemtek then formalises a commercial agreement, emphasising our commitment to delivering client-specific solutions. Future network installations will be comprehensive, including testing, commissioning, and training, ensuring a smooth transition.

Finally, Gemtek will be performing maintenance and monitoring services, highlighting our end-to-end approach, which sets us apart in providing a seamless experience from consultation to post-installation support.


We have established a National Project Management Team made up of Senior Project Managers, an Electrical Engineer, and an OH&S Manager to work together with NRMA to deliver the required project scope. Our team will be supported by the wider Gemtek team located across Australia to complete the following services:

  1. ASP Level 3 Design

    Our in-house team will carry out the design of the electricity distribution network (22kV/11kV/415V) as required to establish reliable electricity supplies for the proposed electric vehicle charging stations. By utilising the substantial design and construction experience of our staff, we are able to provide a timely and cost-minimising design.

  2. Site Design and Construction

    We will provide civil and electrical engineering capabilities to design and engineer the sites to NRMA specifications. Our in-house civil and electrical construction capabilities allow us to provide the necessary site construction deliverables.

  3. Service and Maintenace

    As trained and certified service and maintenance partners for ABB and Tritium, we will provide the largest number of trained and certified personnel dispersed throughout the country to provide firstline commissioning, service, and maintenance services.