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DECO Sustainable Estate – Denmark

Embedded Network Metering Microgrid Residential

DECO Sustainable Estate – Denmark

Denmark Eco Village is a $4.9 million development consisting of 12 strata titled households with shared common spaces and resources. The community relies on 100% energy from renewable sources such as solar panels and Denmark’s windfarm.

Aim of the project which began construction in 2017 was to monitor and record utility resource consumption for the 14 house & common property strata complex to provide utility billing to individual tenancies.

Gemtek Group incorporated an embedded metering network for monitoring of electricity (solar, mains, battery), water (rain, mains, grey, hot) & gas. This effectively helps to monitor and optimise the community’s goal of efficient resource management to minimise cost and environmental impact.

The Community contains two main types of dwellings including two storey family homes and single storey 2br homes all achieving a 9-star energy rating.

The objective for the Denmark Eco Village was to help achieve their vision and stimulate affirmative action that will allow them to better reserve their resources.

There is a whole lot of technology here that has been used to push the boundaries of sustainability. – Mr Llewwellyn, Project Manager

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    DECO Sustainable Estate

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