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Schneider EV Link AC Wallbox

Available in 7kw, 22kw, tethered & untethered.

  • Meter MID Class 1 – EN50470-3
  • Built-in connectivity to interface with EVlink Insights or third-party back-end software* through a LAN (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) or a GPRS connection using the open standard protocol OCPP
  • Easy installation and wiring, efficient commissioning via an embedded web server, backed by worldwide customer support.
  • Ready for energy-management needs with deferred start and power limitation locally or remotely controlled through an energy management device or system
  • Flexible for a broad range of needs:
  • Rated charging power of 7,4 kW or 22 kW: de-rate now and get the power you need for larger batteries later
  • Socket-outlet Type 2 with optional domestic socket- outlet Type E or attached- cable version with a T1 or T2 connector
  • Built-in energy metering or connection to an external meter for accurate metering

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