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NSW Government releases $10 Million EV Ready Buildings Grant

The NSW Government has initiated a $10 million funding program to retrofit Class 2 strata buildings, both in metropolitan and regional areas, with electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities.

The EV Ready Buildings Grant by the NSW Government offers to cover up to 80% of building upgrade costs, with a cap of $80,000, and includes funding for up to four shared-use chargers in visitor parking areas.

This funding assists strata in:

  • Assessing a building’s present and future requirements for EV charging
  • Upgrading EV charging infrastructure, encompassing switchboards, distribution boards, and wiring.
  • Facilitating the installation of individual EV chargers for residents.

Review key information and eligibility criteria on the EV Ready Buildings Grant here.

Act now

This grant is currently open but will end when the allocated funds are fully utilised so don’t miss out.

The grant application is structured in two stages.

Stage 1: Feasibility Assessment

This stage involves a feasibility assessment partially funded by the grant. Applicants contribute $2,000 excluding GST, while the NSW Government funds the remainder. If you already have a recent feasibility assessment, the NSW Government can review it free of charge.

Stage 2: Infrastructure Upgrade

In this stage, the grant subsidises 80% of the eligible infrastructure expenses, capped at $80,000 per building. It also supports 50% of eligible software subscription fees for two years, up to $1,200 per building.

Qualify for the EV Ready Buildings Grant?

To participate in the NSW Government’s $10 million grant program, a feasibility assessment is required in Stage 1. Seize this opportunity and schedule your assessment with Gemtek, specialists in Australia’s EV infrastructure.

For Stage 1 of the NSW Government’s $10 million grant, a feasibility assessment is necessary. Utilize this opportunity now by arranging your assessment with Gemtek, the experts in Australia’s EV infrastructure.

Complete information and eligibility criteria can be found in the EV Ready Buildings Grants Funding Guidelines. Additionally, you can prepare a robust application by delving into the Frequently Asked Questions section.

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