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Gemtek announces TOCEVA EV Racing sponsorship

Gemtek is an industry leading solution provider for electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Australia and will be sponsoring the TOCEVA EV Racing team in the upcoming Perth-to-Sydney Electric Vehicle Marathon.

The sponsorship showcases Gemtek’s support for the Australian EV industry and the relationships that Gemtek has built within the EV community. Ed Kestel, Gemtek’s Solution Architect, said “As a founding Sponsor, we are very happy to be continuing our support for TOCEVA.  This is a mamouth undertaking by the team and we wish them the very best as they share their energy and continue to educate the community about electric vehicles and the challenges of charging in remote locations.”.

The TOCEVA racing team has a rich history, originally known as Gemtek Racing, founded by Florian Popp, Jon Edwards and Ed Kestel driven by Jurgen and Helen Lunsmann. It started in 2016 with a BMWi3 and has grown over the years to a Tesla Model 3 performance in 2020. In 2021, Gemtek Racing became TOCEVA, as the Telsa Owners Club of WA and Australian Electric Vehicle Association of WA took over the management of the racing team.

Gemtek has continued to support the TOCEVA racing team throughout. TOCEVA is a community of electric vehicle enthusiasts that are determined to disprove the myth that electric cars were unable to compete in tarmac rallies against traditional ICE vehicles and have continued to work hard to ensure the Tesla Model 3 is performance compliant to meet the requirements to compete in future rally competitions.

The upcoming Perth to Sydney Marathon will get underway from Perth’s Wellington Square on 28 October and arrive at Warwick Farm in Sydney 10 days later on 6 November.

“We are taking on an unprecedented challenge crossing the country in an EV navigating some very remote gravel roads competing in a field of nearly 80 conventionally fuelled rally cars,” Jon Edwards, TOCEVA Racing team manager, said.

Gemtek is proud to be a sponsor and to be able to continue to support the TOCEVA racing team.


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