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Pioneering EV Hub Solutions via Tritium’s RTM75 EV Chargers

Gemtek Group offers Tritium’s modular and scalable RTM75/75kW EV chargers which is causing a significant effect to electrification of transportation and is fueling the e-mobility transformation. This smart, scalable and reliable platform combines Tritium’s key signature features of liquid cooling, small footprint, and industry prominent IP65 rated enclosure, with a modular power electronics design. This makes Tritium’s RTM the very superior DC fast charger on the market.

One of Tritium RTM’s unique benefits is its compact size and rapid installation in under two hours, thus limiting set up costs. With a 200V to 920V DC output, it is simultaneous charging ready with twin cables to charge two EVs. Tritium’s RTM is resilient and robust due to its double skin metal enclosure with an impact rating of IK 10, operating at wide temperature ranges of -35°C to +50°C. One of its attractive and convenient features include the provision of ethernet & 3G/4G wireless communication, providing access to real time data.

The RTM75 is suited to a wide range of EV charging applications including EV fleet operations, highway rest stops, convenience stores, municipal or utility charging systems, heavy vehicle destination charging, retail, departmental stores, as well as parking lots. It is compatible with all domestic, commercial and fleet EVs. The RTM75 is outfitted with Tritium’s market validated implementation of ISO15118 Plug and Charge, which means that charging of an EV simply commences when plugged in.

In one of Gemtek’s latest offerings, Gemtek Group have delivered 11 x 75kW (double lead) Tritium EV chargers to Witchcliffe Ecovillage, an impressive Ecovillage to facilitate EV hub with bank billing facilities. This would enable the EV driving tourists to recharge 100% renewable energy at the Ecovillage, crediting the relevant cluster strata company, prior to driving back to Perth.

Read more about our happy customer’s experience and plans on the Ecovillage to EV hub transition by clicking on the URL below.

Ecovillage to become EV Hub

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