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McDonalds adds another Electric Destination to WA’s low emission tourist network

McDonalds adds another Electric Destination to WA’s low emission tourist network


Western Australia is officially “The Road Trip State” and while blessed with boundless renewable energy resources, also features a road and electricity network longer than most countries around the world.

This creates a unique challenge amidst the global transition to low emission energy and transport and has required the convergence of innovative technology, business, utility and policy solutions.

A leader in making electric vehicle charging accessible to the WA community has been a company which has for some time been working hard to reduce it’s carbon footprint globally. McDonalds now has charging outlets across many of its WA franchises providing a vital link for Electric Vehicle pioneers who need a recharge.

Given that McDonalds franchises often have highly reliable electricity infrastructure, convenient amenities, 24 hour

security and a comfortable place to rest, enjoy the airconditioning and take a travel break and a cup of coffee, it we have spotted many Tesla drivers stopping in during the past year or so, to not only recharge the car, but the body as well.

With a nation wide footprint of stores and franchisees who are continually seeking for ways to improve operations, carbon emissions and engage with the local community, McDonalds have been a critical part of opening up WA’s regions to EV traffic.

The latest franchise to go “online” is Albany, WA, now offering 22kw AC charging to travelers as they arrive in town after a 450km journey from Perth.

With more charging stations popping up around the state, it’s fantastic to see both industry and government working together towards a sustainable transport future in WA.



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